Terms and conditions of use

User agreement



This is an agreement between the users of Umime and Carlos Villanova Colmenero, a physical person that publishes the app Umime

The user agrees to the following conditions when using Umime. It’s implicit in this agreeement that the user has the capability of agreeing to it.


License of use

Carlos Villanova allows you to use Umime in a cellphone or equivalent device with limited license, non-transferible and non-exclusive. The use of the license will be personal and non-comercial.

The property of the software Umime will remain of Carlos Villanova Colmenero. The user is allowed to use the app through a license, and never through a sale of the property of the software.


Restrictions on use

Your use of the application is restricted to the conditions of this agreement. Some practices restricted in this agreement are:

-Any atempt to decompile, disassemble, obtaining the source code or reverse engineer Umime.

-Modifying Umime in any way.

-Eliminating or making harder to notice the logo, property marks, copyright marks, should they be from Carlos Villanova Colmenero or Umime’s sponsors

-Using the app for a comercial purpose it wasn’t designed for.

-Distributing the app to different cellphones or other devices.

-Using the app from different devices at the same time, through the use of a local network or through other ways.

-Using the app to create a product, service or software that competes directly with any other product commercialized by Carlos Villanova Colmenero.

-Using the information, the interface or the intelectual property found in Umime to create another product, service or software.


Termination of use

This agreement is active from the moment that you download the app into your cellphone or equivalent device. In case of not following the conditions described here, you accept that adequate measures will be taken. Those measures could be legal and/or could be related with banning you from using Umime in the future. You also accept to uninstall the app in the case of not following the user agreement.


Limitation of liability

Carlos Villanova and the sponsors of Umime will never be held accountable for:

-Personal damages that happen using the app

-Data losses that might happen using the app

-Psychological damages that might occur using Umime

-The user smoking habit, should it continue or not after using Umime or during its use.

The users of Umime accept that they are responsible for the consequences of using Umime, and are free to stop using the app whenever they want to.


Disclaimers of warranty

Umime doesn’t have any warranty. Carlos Villanova Colmenero isn’t responsible for any defect of problem that Umime might have.


Privacy policy

Umime can recollect data about your smoking habit, and general data like your name, age or gender.

This information can be used to provide a better service in the future. It can also be disclosed to third parties in an anonymous way (not telling those third parties your real name and place, but using your data as “an anonymous user”).



The characters, the text, the interface, logos, and the use of the trademark Umime are protected by the copyright. This user agreement doesn’t make you its owner in any way. By using Umime you accept and respect this copyright


Contact information

Email: carlos@umime.org


Physical adress:

Carlos Villanova Colmenero

C/José María de Haro 59 puerta 14




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